Various Basketball Betting Types

Various Basketball Betting Types

With the famous NBA season on match, many bettors around the world, including those who love to read about Premier League predictions, are looking for a chance to make money out of this famous sports event. That’s our goal. However, before we can eventually reach that goal, there are some basic things about basketball betting we must master.

Various betting types

You can’t bet if you don’t know what to bet. It may sound simple, but many basketball bettors have fallen into the cliff of loss simply because they don’t know where to bet. So, if you want to make money from basketball betting, you should learn about this first. It’s similar with other sports betting, like football betting. If you want to win, you have data. Soccer bettors even have what they call as Premier League predictions. So, why don’t you use the same technique to secure your win?

Point spreads

Most basketball betting uses point spread type. Usually, you can bet on both sides at -110 (to win $100, you need to bet $110). In every game, a points handicap determines the discrepancy between both teams. The reason many bettors decided to bet on this type is because it provides them a chance to bet with less chalk and there is more insurance here than other betting types.


In this betting type, the bookmaker will guess the final combined score of both teams. Your job is to guess whether the final combined score is over or under this number.

Money line

You can also bet on basketball match using money line. In this betting type, the discrepancy is usually reflected in a specific price of both teams.

For example: in money line betting, you will see something like Team A -125 (bet $125 to win $100) vs. Team B +145 (bet $100 to win $145).


In this betting type, you should select at least 2 basketball sides and all of them should win if you want to win the reward. The more sides you put to the parlay, the higher reward you may get. However, please be caution with this type because you really need a lot of confidence for this one. The risk is higher here than any other betting types. Unlike Premier League predictions in football, your confidence is the key here.


Proposition is a unique betting type that involves with a wide range of bets on player and team statistics, also including the in-game occurences. You can bet on many things, including the Over/Under/ point spread, points scored by specific player, who will get a specific score first, and many more. Due to the various types, some bettors love to refer this betting type as their personalized betting type. It actually looks more like an entertainment to them than a real betting. However, due to this personalized betting, the risk is also quite high here. You better know what you are betting before you joined this basketball betting.

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