Why Do Bookmakers Offer Bonuses?

Why Do Bookmakers Offer Bonuses

What is A Bonus?

In gambling terms, a bonus is a sum of money or other prizes bookmakers give to their customers for free.

Why Do Bookmakers Offer Bonuses?

Gambling is a huge industry where competition is fierce. In such environment creativity, originality and honesty are usually the key difference between success and failure. That’s why marketing departments spend thousands of dollars to offer you the most attractive and exclusive bonuses.

Bookmakers offer bonuses for many reasons. The prime motive is to attract new customers by giving them additional funds to bet with, in the beginning. You should understand that while bookmakers are happily letting you bet and win, they need to make money as well, that’s why they keep pouring one bonus after the other on you. A smart gambler will use bonuses in his favour, but unfortunately, the majority of bettors consider bonuses as means to win an improbable bet. The best way to deal with bonuses is to treat them like they are your own money, either deposited or won.

How Can I Get a Bonus?

Bookmakers offer their customers different types of bonuses, depending on their loyalty, winnings and skills.

The most common and easy way to obtain a bonus, offered by virtually every sportsbook is the Welcome Bonus. Any new customer can qualify for this bonus just by depositing the minimum amount of money required by the bookmaker. Once the deposit is completed, the bookie will double it with a 100% initial deposit bonus.

Another quick and easy way to obtain a bonus is by referring a friend to your bookmaker Indomaxbet. Once your mate signs up and makes his/her first deposit you automatically become eligible to receive a free bet bonus worth a percentage of your friend’s deposit.

Sometimes bookmakers offer you bonuses out of the blue. It’s a great feeling when you log into your account and are greeted with a free bonus for your loyalty. Such a bonus is usually available two or three times per year.

Besides the general bonuses, sportsbooks offer a variety of promotions specific to each sporting event. Soccer fans are being treated with live free bets, stake refunds when games end goalless and various accumulator combinations that offer prizes; and the same rules apply to any major sports.

Bonus Misconceptions

Bonuses are all fun and attractive but behind them there are carefully elaborated terms and conditions of use. You should always read them before accepting a bonus. Most disputes between bookmakers and their customers are a result of misinterpretations of how the bonuses work.

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