Bingo Bonuses with Easter Bingo Bunny Egg Hunt

Bingo Bonuses with Easter Bingo Bunny Egg Hunt

For the Easter holiday this year I decided to travel home to visit my family. I hadn’t seen them for several months, and wanted to spend some quality time with them. While I was waiting in the airport I found myself browsing some Easter gift ideas for my nephews and nieces while having a coffee. Once I had decided to what to get them I noticed a link on one of the sites I’d been looking at. It simply said Easter Bingo Bunny Egg Hunt – so I thought, well why not? – I’ve got time and nothing urgent to do, so I tapped the screen and found myself faced with a special Easter bingo game.

Beginner bingo

Now I’ve never been much of a bingo buff, or bingo bunny, or whatever you call someone who’s seriously into bingo. But this was different – online bingo – something I’d never tried before. So I was up for it – I mean what else was I going to do – wander around the shops killing time, or spending money I shouldn’t?

I signed up and got my free Easter bingo bonus points and chose my first game. I was expecting numbers, since it was bingo after all, but no – it was a special Easter version of bingo, with the conventional numbers replaced by – Easter pics – now that got my attention, especially since they were all so cute, bunnies, chicks, lambs, eggs and all the rest.

Bug eyed playing bingo

The first game seemed to be quite quick as each pic appeared and I quickly scanned my bingo card for the pic to mark it off. By the end of it my eyes were rolling and I felt like the slowest person on the planet slot4d terbaru.

This might take some getting used to, I thought – but the next couple of games became easier as I got used to the layout and what to expect – and by the time I finished playing, I’d found the auto-daub function and realised that I didn’t actually have to scan for any of the pics – the game would do it for me automatically. Call me dumb, I know, but I hadn’t anticipated lazy bingo.

Before I knew it I’d been playing for over an hour – and my coffee was cold. Bingo was extremely addictive and great fun – I even won some extra bingo cash points which I think I can save and then convert into a prize when I have enough of them.

I think I might just have got the bingo bug – as I’ve bookmarked the site so that I can play on it again the next time I have some time to kill – who knows, maybe the next time I’ll hit the big jackpot!