Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse racing might be one of the rarest, less frequently told betting event, even among famous betting platforms, such as W88. However, despite this fact, horse racing surely offers everything you can expect from a lucrative and amazing betting event. Know the rules and you can easily understand how the system works. Know the tricks and you can easily make a lot of money out of this game, like the ones I am going to tell you.

Winning Horse Racing Betting

The key to your victory lies to your skills in understanding how the system works. So, let’s proceed to this part first.

Types of bets

There are various betting types in horse racing. The most popular one are each-way and win bets. Its imply mean once you backed a horse to win, the only rule that applies is the horse should win for you. If you bet $5 on the horse with 5/1 odd, you will get $30 if you win. Meanwhile, the each-way bet, as explained by 12bet, is basically two bets in one. This type requires you to back a horse to win. Next, you must back the same horse to be placed. The next rule is you should place your bet on both steps. For example, let’s say you placed $20, $10 to guess it’ll win and another $10 to back the placement. If your horse loses the game, yet finishes the placing, you will only get reward for the placing, without the other one.

The odds

Many bookmakers, including 12bet, apply 2 types of betting odds when it comes to horse racing. The traditional fractional system is still the most popular than the other one, even at 12 bet. Unlike the decimal system, fractional odds are always displayed in specific format, such as 4/1, 9/4, or 2/1.

For example, if you win with 2/1 odd, you will win $2 for every $1 you wage, plus you get your stake back. In some cases, you may get 1/2 odd. This is called a special odds-on. It means you will win $1 for every $2 you wage and you get your stake back.

Racecourse bookmakers

Racecourse bookmakers, such as in 12 bet, has become an integral part of horse racing. You can easily recognize them at every race. Like at 12bet, most of them play important roles in horse racing by plying their trade. In other cases, they may also turn out to be the face of corporate hospitality during the game.

You may recognize them as people who advertise the odds to you, while you’re waiting on your favorite bookmaker, like 12bet. Only make sure you don’t take the offer right away. Spend your time looking for better alternatives. While bookmakers, including 12bet, are free to adjust the stakes, you will receive this advertised odd once you waged on it. This is a popular method known as the fixed-odds bet. When your bookmaker gives you your ticket, you will also see your potential winnings on it. You better keep the ticket safe since it also acts as your receipt. Better not lose it.

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