Maxbet Casino & Sportsbook Review

Maxbet Casino & Sportsbook Review

One of the most reputed and well-known Asian platforms, MAXBET (former IBCBET) situates in the top of the rating when referring to the Asian gambling rivalry. Founded in 2008, the bookmaker has reached stunning heights of success within a couple of years, now having an income in betting of billions of dollars on a monthly basis. With the headquarters located in the Philippines, MAXBET has very quickly overcome the condition of a national gambling operator, offering constantly the highest limits and the finest odds. With this wise policy, it is known today as the head of the Asian gambling world.

Firstright Developments Limited manages MAXBET’s gambling activity, the bookmaker being licensed by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation – the Philippine subsidiary of Leisure and Resorts World Corporation. MAXBET remains also in the forefront of other world’s betting operators when the subject comes to live bets. Thus, the number of live matches is a very impressive one: six thousands matches during a single month.

A specific feature for MAXBET consists of its special availability for opening an account: the only way to do that is possible only via the authorized agents. At this point, we can highly recommend BET-IBC agent – the most reliable and renowned company in the gambling scope of activity. It has provided its trustworthy services starting from the very first year of its activity (2007).


MAXBET (formerly known as IBCBET) is popular also due to its wide range of betting options along with the most alluring and tempting odds. The sports that you can bet on at MAXBET are spectacularly diversified. Here are some of them: football (soccer), tennis, snooker, ice-hockey and basketball. Except of the traditional sport betting, this respective gambling platform allows you to experience nonconformist bets, from horse races to financial markets.

More than that, the betting system has a specific feature: it gives the opportunity to mix various sports (like basketball, tennis and soccer) on a single betting slip!

Online And Live Casinos

If you are looking for a diversified experience and a new vigorous action, then joining the MAXBET Casino is definitely the best indicated activity. By adhering to Online and Live Casino, you will be assured with the exhilarating activity of 50 games. Moreover, you will find the new rebranding interesting for sure. While playing Baccarat (soon will be added Roulette and Blackjack), you will be cheered and entertained by judi slot88. Once discovered, it is an unforgettable experience that you are about to love!


If the idea of bingo format seams an appealing one for you, we come with a good news: Number Game format is available. The final result is displayed on IBC TV and the format is as follows: players place their bets from 1 to 75 wagering in the same time from 2$ to 320$. After the bets are placed, the winning numbers will be selected live randomly from a bingo machine. Basically, this is a fairly standard bingo format combined with a slightly betting focus.

Bonuses and Promotions

As a leading Asian bookmaker, MAXBET maintains the honorable image in the direction of bonuses and promotions as well. Do not miss the chance to grab consistent bonuses right now, especially if you consider yourself a beginner on the betting realm.

Once entered in these inviting surroundings, MAXBET takes care to provide an unforgettable experience. It fetches you surprising bonuses and spectacular promotions. If you are not a new punter, do not worry: MAXBET also spotlights your professional level. So, be prepared to take advantage of any amazing offer such as “free rate”, “Money back” or “Cash” on a regular basis. The average size of bonuses fits in the confines of $20 to $150.

Special Features

It’s a great way to maximize the satisfaction level knowing all the special features that MAXBET offers. Below, find the list of them and their brief explanation:

  • OUTRIGHT – outright betting means the wager is placed on the winner of a certain event, be it a tournament, game or race.
  • MONEYLINE – this feature consists in betting on a competitor or a whole team as if it would be the winner of the entire event, or at least, it would overcome its competition by receiving a higher place in the ranking. Moneyline feature is often customized from event to event.
  • HANDICAP (HDP) – Handicap feature means the competition where a team or competitor has a virtual starting advantage, therefore bets could be placed on it. After adding the starting offered benefit, the winner is claimed the one that has a better result.
  • OVER/UNDER (OU) – Over/Under (OU) wagering refers to the final score, i.e. the number of points obtained in the final competition. The OU feature means the extra or under points received in accordance with the pre-designated line. If the score number exceeds this limit, it is Over; in the same time, if the inferior confine wasn’t reached, it means Under.
  • ODD/EVEN (OE) – this feature is a simple one as it can be deduced from its title. The bets are placed whether the final score is an odd number, whether it is an even number.
  • MIX PARLAYS – Mix Parlay steers clear to the notion of a combination of bets (at least two bets placed as one). The condition is the following: all the bets placed in the Mix Parlay needs to be winning ones, only in this case the whole affair is considered a successful one. If everything goes smooth, the payment is done accordingly. But please pay attention, this type of betting is rather a risky one as you need to receive in the final all the constitutive bets as winning ones.

Payment Methods

MAXBET strives to ameliorate continuously their services by providing several deposit methods following various currencies according to the payment option:

  • Skrill (Moneybookers) – USD, EUR and SGD;
  • Neteller – EUR;
  • Bank transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union – EUR, USD, SGD and MYR.

Customer Support

MAXBET (former IBC-BET) has the highest standards when it comes to the customer approach level. To the forefront, Customer Support stands out as a brilliant service that cannot be darkened with any gloomy antecedent. You can reach their support no matter the time of the day or the night, as they work nonstop. You will receive assistance in both English and Chinese languages by different means, as following:

  • Phone: +6324100800, +6324100899 or +6327296606;
  • Post: P.O. Box 1488, Makati Central Office, 1254 Makati City, Manila, Philippines;
  • E-mail:;
  • Skype: maxcsd_member;
  • QQ chat (Chinese language only): 2499688355 or 2228667248.

Final notes

MAXBET is proud of its countless satisfied customers from all over the world that enjoy a bookmaker providing the largest number of markets to bet on and a multitude of handicap bets. Regardless if you are a newbie or a high roller, MAXBET surely has something spectacular to offer you. Register at MAXBET (former IBCBET) via BET-IBC now!

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