Picking the Winning Color in Horse Racing

Picking the Winning Color in Horse Racing

The world has taken betting as one of its part since a long time ago. Since that, we have been betting on a lot of things. Casino. Slot. Even sport betting and many more else. While each of these betting has its own reason for you to play on them, betting on sport is certainly the most famous betting event, let alone the huge amount of reward you can take from this gambling.

Horse Betting, A Less Famous Sport Betting

Now, if we dig deeper into sport betting, we’ll find out one amazing fact about this betting. Sports betting is not just about football betting. It is also about many things else, including horse racing. It may sound less popular than football betting or any other betting event, but the fact that it still exists today prove one thing. Many people still put their hope on this game, a hope to bring back the reward.

A unique betting

Some people say to me that they don’t like horse betting because it simply has no challenge in it. Well, what I can say is these people take the whole thing completely wrong. Horse racing is not just about watching the horses racing on tracks until one got out as the winner. Horse racing is also about statistics, observation, and decision making. For example, after going through years of observation, there is one perception growing among horse racing fans. Many believe that winning horse not only relies on the horse’s speed, but also something more intriguing: their skin color.

It may sound weird. However, after looking through years of race results, you can’t simply ignore the fact that there is one interesting evidence in horse racing. Then, just like we expect, some smart people take this evidence seriously. They put it into a research based in Poland to find out the truth behind this. That makes it more interesting because thing like this is quite rare, even among other sport betting events.

Revealing the truth

It’s not an easy job to conclude the research. The scientists have one big question. Does the color actually link to winning the race?

To find out the answer, Slot188 scientists learn more than 800 purebred and 1100 thoroughbred Arabian horses. Furthermore, three more aspects were taken into the study: presence of grey, redness, and brightness.

While the final result discovered no connection between winnings and color, it surprisingly revealed that some colors have tendencies to be associated with popular horses, those with excellent records.

In sport betting, you can tell that every data is crucial. When the result came, everyone was expecting for a connection. The sad news is, it went upside down. The color aspect clearly doesn’t lead to the horse’s victory. However, there is a slight chance that a horse’s racing ability might be linked to the redness in its coat.  Also, horses with chestnut or light bay coats also have better performance than horses which don’t, including those with black, seal brown, dark bay, or colored bay.

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