What is Totepool Betting in Horse Race?

What is Totepool Betting in Horse Race

Totepool is a unique betting type. You can only find this betting type at select betting platforms, such as M88, which offer horse racing. It is different because the odds are not fixed. Instead, it depends completely on how much money bettors wage as well as the number of bettors of the winning horse. In some places, you may recognize this betting type as pari-mutuel.

Bettors, including those at Fun88, are free to place different types of bet using this method, including place, tote exacta, each way, or win singles. However, many choose totepool because it allows to bet on multiple race with huge jackpots.

Furthermore, if you go to different places, you may find some variations to this betting type, such as totescoop6. This betting requires bettors to choose all 6 winning horses from specific races. If all of them win, the fund will be shared between you, other bettors, and the operator. If you come out as the main prize winners, you will be eligible to enter the next week’s race with bonus fund. With cheap entry ticket, it makes sense on the popularity of this betting.

If you think horse racing, such as at M88 is not lucrative, you may be surprised if I tell you there was someone in 2009 who brought back more than $3 million after a race. Well, it’s not too uncommon if you have spent quite a long time in horse racing.

Usually, totepool runs every weekend, between Saturday and Monday. You better prepare for it from now because you will be not the only one at that place looking for a huge reward to take home. The rules are similar everywhere. You have to choose 6 horses from the first 6 horse races. The stake differs from one place to another, but it is usually cheap to allow as many people as possible to join.

Don’t forget one important thing. Horse racing is still a betting. That means, you can still use statistics to increase your winning chance. You can even calculate the total cost of your horse racing bet at different betting platforms, including Nova88 Casino, by using a simple equation. You only need to multiply the number of horses you choose in each leg. So, if you choose 5 horses in each leg, the total amount of your bet would be 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 32.

There is one more thing. In case there are some rollovers who get monstrous, some bookmakers may use different policies to get themselves more portion of profit. In this case, it is recommended to review their policies before submitting your bet, even if you bet at M88. This is important to avoid losing your money for nothing, but the dealer’s policy. This is really not a professional excuse if you really want to become a real horse race bettor. Remember, a professional bettors is your dream, not someone who wastes his money for nothing.

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