Unit in Sports Betting

Unit in Sports Betting

Sports betting is still the most popular and (probably) lucrative betting event we have today. You can find it everywhere. 12bet. M88. Dafabet and many more. Despite the simple rules it applies, some players still get their head stuck on either the rules or the terms used in this betting. One of them is unit.

Understanding unit

In sports betting, a unit refers to the smallest size of a wager. Unit is very important because every bettor’s bankroll is different in size. A unit helps us to show the bettor’s loss or profit in a more universal term.

Here is a good example from 12beet. There are 2 bettors. One waged $10,000 for an NFL and was up $18,000 during the whole season. It may sound huge but, it’s actually not better than the second person who only waged $10 and was up $180 for the whole same season. This comparison tells us how useful a unit is. It is our tool to keep track of both losses and profits, without currency value.

The simple rule

In sports betting like at 12bet, you’re always recommended to wage somewhere between 1-5% of your own bankroll. Based on this rule, a unit is usually equal to around 1% of your personal bankroll.

Using this formula, if you have $20,000 bankroll, the best wage you could place would be $20 per unit. The same thing goes if you have $40,000 bankroll, which allows you to bet $400 per unit.

Many sports bookmakers, including 12bet, will release their playing policy with units. The most usual one is 1-5 units. There are also 1, 2, and 3 unit for average plays and 4,5,6 for big plays.

If a bookmaker chose to play with 5 unit and you currently have $1,000 in your bankroll, the game would require you to risk $5 or $50.

Unit on the year

Sometimes, a bettor may say to you that he will play at +30 units per year.  This number refers to his success on the ongoing season. It either means $25000 or $25.

Unit and handicapper

Sometimes, a handicapper at your betting platform may come up with 25-32 record and surprisingly it refers to 15 units. This is possible even at famous betting platforms, such as www.netcontent.org. You can still have a 0.5 record if you are betting on plus money or underdog selections.

Can you actually play with +1546 units?

There is nothing impossible with this. There are a lot of ways you can use to inflate your numbers. Some bettors, including those at 12bet, use this technique to make themselves sound good, even though if they’re not in the reality. What I am telling you is, there is no real standard on unit and how it represents your bankroll. Someone can just claim each of his/her unit represents 0.0001% of their bankroll or even smaller and he is not the one to blame for it. The rule is free for everyone to make even at 12bet, as long as you play it clean.

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